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If Your Organization is Looking To Better Protect Against The Latest Cyber Security Attacks, Improve Your Remote Worker Communications & Collaborations Capabilities, Or Looking For A Better IT Option, You Have Come To The Right Place.
  • At DataWorks we make IT Simple, Personalized, & Cost Effective For You. We specialize in the following Modern IT Solutions:
  • Cybersecurity Protection Solutions To Protect Against Email Threats, Ransomware Encryption, Identity Theft & Financial Fraud
  • Communications & Collaboration Solutions Including; Teams Meetings & Conferencing and Telephone Systems & Calling Plans
  • Cloud Computing & Remote Worker Solutions Including Microsoft 365 Email | Doc Sharing | Office Suite Apps and Cloud Servers
  • Today’s Most Critical Cybersecurity Concerns For Law Firms:
  • • Protecting against fraudulent financial banking & payment transactions
  • • Protecting the Firm’s reputation and trust in the industry due to stolen user identities
  • • Protecting sensitive client data information from being stolen or encrypted using ransomware

In today’s new business normal we need to conduct business in the office, on the road, and from home. This creates a need to think through and implement an IT Security Plan that protects our data, devices, and people regardless of where they are located.

In the news we are reading about the latest ransomware cyber attacks that have brought down local city governments from conducting business, energy companies from delivering fuel, and many small companies that we never hear about that have also experienced business downtime & loss of data due to malicious cyber attacks


I am too small a law Firm for hackers to attack me.. only large firms need to worry about security…


“A client depositing approximately $1,000,000 into an Attorney’s escrow account regarding a real estate transaction, was fooled by an email Phishing scam impersonating his Attorney. The funds were fraudulently wired to a redirected offshore Bank account, and the Client’s funds stolen  – Small NJ Law Firm with 5 employees

Your key company employees may already be targeted by Cyber Criminals waiting for an opportunity

A company’s Chief Financial Officer’s user identity was stolen using a false website URL login request sent via email. Off shore Cyber criminals then monitored the CFO’s emails, waited for their opportunity to impersonate the CFO’s email and redirected an $80,000 client invoice payment via wire transfer to a fraudulent outside the country bank account instead.   – Mid Size Healthcare Company


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