Telephony Services


​How do you best use your telephone system to connect your remote employees, to improve your business communications, and minimize expenses?

DataWorks Provides A Complete Line Of Business Telephone Systems & Communications Services Including:

• Business Telephone Systems; on premise or cloud based

• Telecom productivity apps including; voice mail to email, conference calling, remote extensions, and call center/agent routing

• Voice Calling Plan Options based on your specific needs and calling volume

• Toll Free/800 Number Plans


Ipitomy Communications

• Ipitomy Communications provides next generatipon IP based telephone systems solutions that include both on premise and hosted cloud based options. Ipitomy is one of the leading Asterisk PBX based vendors in the industry in terms of features, track record, and cost effectiveness.

• Your choice of phone devices - IP Phones, Cordless Phones, and Mobile phone apps

• Telephone productivity apps - visual call management computer screen, built-in conference bridge, call center sales & customer service app, and more

• Remote worker and remote office site to site networking support

Microsoft 365 Cloud PBX Communications

• Microsoft 365 Cloud PBX Communications is a cloud-based telephone system built-for productivity. It seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft 365 & Teams applications and provides for an all-in-one communication solution that brings together; calling, meetings, and messaging , whether you are in or out of the office.

• Use different devices for every work experience, for any space, and any working style, Desktop phones, smart phones, and computers are all supported device types. Includes optional calling plans for domestic, international, and 800-Toll free calling services Simplify telephone system use, minimize the number of vendors you deal with, and reduce overall telephone sytem ownership & maintenance costs.

Ericsson LG

• Ericsson LG provides a comprehensive line of both on premise IP based and traditional digital telephone system options for business. Ericsson LG is known for their highly engineered and reliable telecommunications products that can be deployed in the most complex and demanding telecom business environments.

• Your choice of phone devices - IP Phones, Cordless Phones, Digital Phones, and Software based phones

• Telephone productivity apps - Unified messaging with voice and email communications integration and call center applications for sales & customer service operations productivity

• Remote worker and remote office site to site networking support


Who We are

Why Choose DataWorks LLC?

• We carefully evaluate and test the latest business IT products & services available for small & medium-sized organizations, and we select & curate these solutions for our customers. We prepackage our business IT products & services for our customers and make them; simple to understand, easy to buy, and low stress to implement & manage.

•We have experience in various industries and we can share our proven and successful customer solutions to help organizations better use IT systems & processes to improve their businesses

• We Focus On Carefully Communicating & Understanding Your Business & IT Needs, So That We Can Recommend Simple, Cost-Effective, And Scalable, IT Solutions That Will Best Address Your Organizations Specific Business IT Needs.

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