If You Are Looking to Better Protect Against The Latest Cyber Security Attacks For Your Business, Improve Your Remote Worker Communications & Collaborations Capabilities, Or Looking For An Easier & Less Stressful Option For Using and Managing Your IT, You Have Come To The Right Place.
  • At DataWorks, We Provide Simplified and Cost Effective, Ready To Go Packaged IT Solutions. Our Carefully Selected Pre Packaged Solutions Are Specifically Created For Non Technical Busy Customers To Easily Install, Use, and Manage Their IT Systems and Applications.

  • Cybersecurity Protection Solutions Against Email Threats, Ransomware Encryption, Identity Theft & Financial Fraud
  • Communications & Collaboration Solutions Including; Teams Meetings & Conferencing and Telephone Systems & Calling Plans
  • Cloud Computing Migration Solutions Including Microsoft 365 Email | Doc Sharing | Office Suite Apps
Get the IT support your small business needs:

• Get Support from A Local Northern NJ US-American Help Desk Team

• Get The IT Service Request Urgency & Fast Response Time Your Business Needs

• Get personalized small business IT Solutions & Services that are simple to use and cost effective

We help you make your IT a strategic & competitive asset for your organization. Our carefully selected solutions will help your company; to easily & quickly adjust to competitive industry directions, optimize your employee communications & collaboration capabilities, and secure your business from the latest Cyber Threats!

What are your biggest business IT challenges right now?

• Need to better protect your business against Cybersecurity Threats that can lead to business loss of data, identity theft, and financial fraud? 

• Need to keep your remote workers connected to your business systems productively & securely during this Covid Pandemic?

• Need to better communicate inside & outside your company; to have meetings, conferencing, and make phone calls?

Cybersecurity Pre Packaged & Ready To Go Solutions: We can help you protect your computers, applications, and users, from today’s fast growing & highly damaging Cyber Threats. Protect your business from malicious Cyber Attacks including; user identity theft, financial fraud, loss of data due to ransomware, and overall unplanned business downtime. You need to be aware of today’s modern Cybersecurity Solutions and how to properly implement these solutions in a realistic, affective, and affordable manner. Don’t fall victim to a Cyber Attack, and protect your organization’s brand name and trust in your industry.

Business Productivity Pre Packaged & Ready To Go Solutions: Update your IT Systems to improve business productivity across your company, enable your employees to work remotely, and efficiently run your business whether in the office or out of the office. We specialize in helping our customers migrate to the latest Cloud Computing Solutions including Microsoft Office 365 Email & Document Sharing, Teams Meeting & Collaboration Apps and utilizing new cloud based servers, Microsoft Azure & VmWare Solutions, that provide flexible & cost effective IT systems options for today’s modern business.

Add Telephone & Collaboration Capabilities To Your Business Productivity Applications: Get your employees connected to all their business & communications applications, whether they are in or out of the office, using today’s Cloud based telephone systems & communications applications. If you are currently using Microsoft Office 365 Apps for your business we can help you add the Teams Telephone System & Calling Plan option to it. If you are looking for a better remote worker telephone & communications option, we can help you evaluate & upgrade to a new cloud based telephone system option. If you are looking to either upgrade your old & outdated telephone system and/or looking for more cost effective modern voice calling plans, we can help you evaluate & implement some of the latest voice calling technologies as well.



We can help organizations in various industries

Our mission is to help companies transform their businesses and use the latest modern IT solutions to improve productivity and competitiveness.


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